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2021 Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting for Duncraig Edible Garden will be held on 17th July at 10.30am as COVID restrictions have eased somewhat. We plan to tend the garden then hold the AGM at 10.30am. Do join us in the forecourt of Duncraig Library and enjoy a bring and share hot lunch afterwards.

The meeting usually takes less than 30 minutes. We will hear reports from the current committee and elect a new committee.

Only current financial members of DEG can nominate for executive role or for general committee positions. The executive positions are Chair, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer. 
You are very welcome to apply to become a financial member.
Then you can vote and stand for election to the committee.
Membership and Nomination forms will be available at DEG.

Membership is for each financial year and becomes due on 30th June. Pay in cash on the day $15 for individuals or $25 for a family membership or transfer your dues by online banking to DEG bank account BSB: 633000 Account Number: 154918551

Please bring a mug, bowl and spoon so you can share in the hot meal afterwards.
Bring something to share, if you can, for morning tea or for the “share the harvest table”.

We look forward to seeing you. 
DEG Committee

Native Verge Garden at DEG

The native verge workshop at the end of April 2019 went very well. It went so well we are still going on about it. Thanks so much to all who helped, and especially to Richard McDowell for expert input. Here are a few more photos that may help.
1. We had Eva helping on the whiteboard so no one going to the library was in any doubt what we were doing.
2. We had Richard (in the yellow shirt) look at what we had before we started (and some of his stuff too.)
3. We had to chop through with a mattock as we found limestone underneath the soil we prepared.
4. Richard showed us how to get plants out of a pot by tapping the top of the pot to loosen the plant. There was no squeezing of the sides of the pot and damaging the roots. Claudia can be seen getting a handful of compost ready to put in the hole before the plant goes gently in.
5. Claudia then hand-watered the plant with a liquid soil-wetter and then watered the plant again with water to get the soil-wetter off the leaves.
Did you notice the hanging basket frames turned upside down over the plants? This is to prevent our helpers from accidentally treading on the plants and breaking them even before the plants had the opportunity to grow.

For those who want a list of what we planted look here… or go to the “Workshop Notes” menu item.

At the end of December 2019.
Credit to The Native Gardener for the photo (and the expert input along the way!)

Raffle Results

The winners of the DEG raffle:

First Prize to Karen  (prize collected)

Second Prize to Mike ( prize collected)

Thanks to everyone who came to our DEG Celebration Day. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, and that we see you again at the Garden in the New Year.

Preparing for a Verge Garden of Local Native Plants

Preparing for a Verge Garden of local Native plants
Grass is being removed in preparation for the planting of a verge garden of plants native to this area. The bared soil will lie fallow over summer to ensure the grass runners die completely, enduring the new plants are given the best start and are not choked.
“The Native Gardener” will run a workshop at the end of Autumn, on 27th April, and we will plant the space with tubestock, ready to become established during the winter rains.  

DEG Days for 2018

Regular DEG days for 2018
Every Second Saturday morning
6th and 20th January
3rd and 17th February
3rd, 17th, and 31st March
14th and 28th April
12th and 26th May
9th, and 23rd June
7th and 21st July (AGM)
4th and 18th August
1st, 15th, and 29th September
13th and 27th October
10th, and 24th November
8th December Party, Thank the Volunteers, Make a gift, Join in fun Water games,   Celebration Meal and short General Meeting.