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2016 AGM minutes Reconstructed

2017 AGM Minutes

2018 AGM Minutes

DEG Annual General Meeting Saturday 21st July 2018

Meeting opened at 10.35am
Attendance– Tony Campbell (outgoing Chair), Nadine Reeves-Hennesey (Outgoing Vice Chair), Kath Moller (acting Treasurer, taking minutes), Baiba Dzelme, Benjamin Muir, Claudia Laviolette, David Moller, Ellen Johnson, Jim Anick, John Chong, Justin King, LaiHo Seet, Susanne Fischer.
Apologies– Sharon Tulp (acting Secretary, appointed Nadine as her proxy for voting at this meeting)

Chairperson’s opening– Tony welcomed us and acknowledged the traditional custodianship of the land for which we continue to care.
Minutes of previous meeting
– Circulated by email in the month prior to the meeting. Moved by Kath, Seconded by Nadine that the minutes be accepted as a true account of the last AGM . All present at this AGM voted in favour. Motion Carried.

Business arising from minutes– nil

Treasurer’s report
Our financial records for 2017-18 were reviewed favourably by Leslie Hill, a Certified Practising Accountant who volunteered her services.
At the start of this financial year, DEG had total funds of $5679.24.

Of this $2751.18 remained to be spent of the Dept. of Local Govt. and Communities Grant auspiced by the City of Joondalup for purchase and installation of Rainwater tanks as well as construction and installation of 7 wicking beds. Financially the grant cost DEG $452.36 which comprises the GST component of all purchases and a small overspend. The grant was fully spent and acquitted before the end of 2017.

During this financial year, Workshops raised $63.35, Sales of Plants, $75.70 and Preserves $287 together with Donations of $97.35 and $290 in Membership fees took our total non grant income to $813.40 . (Preserving sales earned $276.20 after costs this financial year. Total profit from preserves since DEG began is $1408.26)

Expenditure in this year included $2468.52 Infrastructure (Grant related purchases) , $775.52 Garden Inputs as well as $133.08 morning tea costs and $474.60 of Admin costs including insurance.
Excluding expenditure related to the grant;
the net movement of funds for DEG this financial year is a gain of $120.42

At the end of June 2018 DEG has total funds of $2521.09
held as Bendigo Bank Balance $2365.69, Petty Cash $75.40 and Float $80.

Moved by Kath, Seconded by Nadine that the report be accepted.
All in favor, motion carried.

Chairperson’s report– (included at the end of these minutes) Received with applause.

Election of committee members– All positions declared vacant.

Nominations Received
Executive Committee

  1. Chair- Tony Campbell Nominated by- Kath Seconded by – Sharon
    No Other nominees No objections, Elected with applause
  2. Vice-Chair- Nadine Reeves-Hennessey N – Kath S- Claudia
    No Other nominees No objections, Elected with applause
  3. Treasurer- Ellen Johnson N – Kath S – Claudia
    No Other nominees No objections, Elected with applause
    Ellen to be added as a signatory to the DEG Bendigo Bank Account.
  4. Secretary- Sharon Tulp N- Kath S- Tony
    No Other nominees No objections, Elected with applause

    Committee Members

  1. Baiba Dzelme N – Tony S – Kath
  2. Benjamin Muir N- Claudia S – Kath
  3. Claudia Laviolette N – Kath S – Nadine
  4. Jim Anick N – Tony S – Kath
  5. Justin King N – Claudia S- Nadine
  6. Kath Moller N- Claudia S- Nadine
  7. Laiho Seet N- Tony S – Nadine
  8. Susanne Fischer N- Claudia S – Nadine
    No Other nominees No objections, All appointed with applause

Questions and discussion
New people introduced themselves and everybody gave a brief outline of how they came to be involved in DEG and what they hope for and find helpful about the community garden.
Tony summed up by saying “We work as a team in the garden; everybody’s contributions are important.”

Next committee meeting 7pm 8th August
This year we have divided the tasks of Secretary and a number of people have contributed. In coming committee meetings each of the roles of the executive and the distribution of tasks will be reviewed. We will reassess non executive roles within the committee and activity responsibilities at coming committee meetings
We will rotate the venue for committee meetings of each month

Notice of motions for the next meeting
Dec22nd will be a end of year thank the volunteers party and a short general meeting to approve changes to our constitution before the July 2019 deadline.
Close- Meeting closed at 11.23am

DEG Chairpersons Report. 2018 AGM

2017-2018 has been rather challenging year with restrictions that have been placed on us by the land managers City of Joondalup. A recent meeting has clarified a couple of matters that were ongoing and now look forward to a good working relationship with the City in developing our community garden in the future. Our Shade Structures were not approved and are unlikely to be in the future due to possible redevelopment of the area.

The main task undertaken this year was to design and construct 7 new wicking beds from mostly recycled materials. That was done and the Grant was acquitted thanks to Kath and Ailsa. Thanks to all volunteers involved in the wicking bed project. We have 4 in place and the other 3 are ready to be placed in the garden as soon as we have a decision on an amended plan for the northern side of the library.

Water has been an issue with the Cities reticulation. Most issues have been sorted out now. Lawn sprinklers are certainly not ideal in the mixed garden that we have. We are hopeful that we can modify some of the sprinklers to better suit our needs going forward. (We still need COJ approval for modifications)

We have hosted workshops on.

Growing sustainable gardens. We will continue to have more of these from

time to time.

Bee keeping and the use of bees wax and honey. This was very well attended

and intend to do further workshops on these important little critters.

Kids growing plants. Where kids potted out their own plants to take home.

Kids flower arranging. Where kids made flower arrangements for their Mums

for Mothers Day.

A new website has been constructed and now in operation thanks to David and Kath, and several other volunteers.

A signage project has been undertaken and will be finalised soon. The small name plates will be made and placed in position in the near future. Thanks to Claudia for her contribution.

Our head gardener Jim has done a magnificent job in managing our garden and has a wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to share with others.

Jim has made shelving for our store room and a large trolley to transport our items required for DEG days. Always a willing helper in the garden. Thanks Jim.

Also thanks to Nadine for her valuable contribution to DEG and help she has given me throughout the year.

Thanks to Heather for standing up and being out Secretary for a short time and thanks to Sharon for taking up the roll for the rest of the year.

Thanks to Ailsa for taking on the roll as Treasurer for most or the year and Kath stepping in and completing the rest of the year.

Thanks to the Committee: Jim, John, Claudia, Mary, Baiba and Kath for their contribution to DEG and hope they can keep up the fantastic work in the future.

Thanks to all the members and volunteers that have helped in the garden and donated their time and materials. We need more of you.

I see DEG’s contribution to the community as not only showing how food can be grown in a sustainable manner.

The garden also brings people together for community social engagement.

We offer a place for people young and older folks to meet new people and be a distraction to our busy and at times not always perfect lives we lead.

There is always someone to talk to and meet new people and make new friends.

DEG a community garden to develop community engagement.

Thanks again to the all the people who have been involved in our Community Garden this year and look forward to the future wherever and what form that may be.

Tony Campbell


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