DEG Newsletter June 2021

Welcome to the June 2021 Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG) Newsletter.
The Noongar season of Makuru is a season of fertility. Its colour is the blue of the flowers we now call leschenaultia. The coldest and wettest time of the year Makuru has strong winds, storms, and rain. It is a good time to gather around a fire and tell stories.

DEG runs on a volunteer basis – it is great to share garden skills, learn new skills and meet up with our friendly group. Spend a few hours with us and share a cuppa.
We meet every 2nd Saturday from 9am – 12pm
The next DEG day was to be 3rd July 2021
We will postpone the AGM until further notice.

Then we will plan to garden in the morning, have the AGM at 10.30am and share warm food together.
Probably best to bring your own mug, bowl and spoon.
Distancing is easily done outdoors. Keep informed of changing restrictions and wear a mask if required. Stay safe.

DEG memberships become due each 30th June.
Please transfer your $15 for individual or $25 for family membership by online banking or direct transfer to
DEG bank account BSB: 633000 Account Number: 154918551 with your name as the reference (so we know whose membership is being paid)
or talk to Kath at DEG before the AGM to pay your dues and be financial in time to vote or to stand for a position on the committee of management.
Brrrrrr In the cold days of winter, there is still a lot to do in the garden, put on a winter coat or rain jacket and brave the conditions outside. We still have many sunny days to enjoy and winter can bring downpours of rain which is great for our garden.
Be sure to turn off your reticulation during winter. A total sprinkler ban applies from the 1 June – 31 August 2021.
What’s new in our Garden?
Peas are growing well in our new garden bed. Our community garden is thriving thanks to the commitment from our volunteers watering during the summer, fertilising in the growing seasons weeding regularly and planting new seedlings. Regular weed control is key. Acting early saves a lot of damage and work. Now is the time to tackle the weeds and pests before they take over the garden. Sprinkle dry crushed egg shells around plants to deter snails and slugs.
Planting our cabbages early meant the plants had time to establish and get stronger when pests came to them. We have aphids and white cabbage moth caterpillars, but our plants are healthy and strong, so they don’t show too much damage. Our members inspect the plants for these pests, pick them off, squash them and leave some for the ladybirds. Squishing a few of the pests brings their natural predators to feast on the rest.
We have planted broad beans, peas, potatoes, cabbages and calendula. Our cabbages are fist size and plentiful. New Passion fruit vines have been planted and looking very healthy. We have recently harvested paw paw (papaya) bok choy, mouse melons, bitter melon, lemons and loofah.
Can you see the tiny mouse melon hanging from the vine under the shadecloth arch?

Our olive tree has produce a great crop of olives this season, our volunteers have harvest and pickled them using various recipes – Delicious!
The native verge garden is growing well due to the recent rains – it attracts ongoing positive comments from the public and is popular with the local birds and bees. We have replanted with new shrubs kindly donated by our native specialist gardener Richard.
Friends of Duncraig Library Bushland are a newly formed group right near us who invite you to join them in protecting and conserving the important 0.3ha remnant banksia woodland located on the corner of Warwick Rd and Marmion Ave. Their objectives are: To work with the City of Joondalup to conserve and protect the natural area that is the Duncraig Library Bushland;To undertake activities to advance this objective; andTo raise community awareness of the conservation and environmental values of the Duncraig Library Bushland.
Contact them at:
Co-ordinator: Robyn 0409886985

Workshops at DEG have been on hold for a while due to uncertainty around COVID restrictions. What would you like to learn about in the garden? We plan to start holding workshops again soon and would welcome suggestions for topics you want to hear about. Please talk to us on DEG days and write your suggestions in the sign in book, or email us
The next Sustainable Living Course will begin on 5th August. This course will run for 6 weeks with 2 hour sessions from 12.30 to 2.30pm on Thursday afternoons finishing in time to pick kids up from school.
Venue is St Nicolas Anglican Church Hall, Poynter Drive Duncraig.
Register online at
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