DEG Newsletter Spring/ Djilba/Kambarang 2022

Welcome to the DEG newsletter.
Have you noticed the changing seasons? Djilba has increasing clear cold nights and pleasant warm days with decreasing rain. Now is the time to plan your summer garden and sow seeds ready to plant out the seedlings when the days are warm enough. Kambarang is the time when rains finish. Warmer weather takes over with longer dry periods during the months of October and November.
Planting Now
As the soil warms more fruiting plants can be grown. Beans, capsicums, chillies, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, squash, peas, tomato and zucchini are all good things to get growing now. Greens such as celery, chives, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, spring onions, silver beet and spinach can also be planted. Root vegetables to plants now include beetroot, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes, radishes and turnips.
Many tools were sharpened, and their handles oiled at the tool maintenance workshop held in August.
On 22nd of October we will run a Herb Planter Workshop.
Make mini wicking beds from repurposed materials. You are invited to join us. Please register at
The sunflowers that Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG) has grown in the past are the Sun King variety. We have found them easy to grow. They have a good germination rate and are fast growing. Sunflowers attract beneficial insects to the garden. The flower is attractive on its own or in a group. The plant will usually grow to 2 m tall.Sunflower Helianthis annuus var.Sun King
Planting spring to early summer
Germination 12 to 16 days
Flowering 12 to 14 weeks
Wildflower Tour
In August a number of DEG members went for a long drive together through Moora, Perenjori, Mingenew, Coalseam, Dongara, and Lesseur National Park. Wildflowers were blooming in abundance. We have written a blog post showing more of the photos. Go to our website to read the whole story.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on 8 September 2022. The Queen reached the Platinum Jubilee milestone in June 2022. Earlier this year DEG received a grant to plant some trees in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee. Watch this space for ways to be involved.
DEG Multi Tool.
We had a dilemma at Duncraig Edible Garden. How could we more easily control the constant regrowth of weeds in our garden? We tried some tools but found them a bit cumbersome to use.Tony and Jim put their engineering heads together and developed several versions.
First they came up with an angled piece of sheet metal on a pole. This needed to be sharpened to cut through the weeds’ roots.
Mark 2 was developed from sharp spring steel to make a slightly curved blade. This was good but twisted when used on strong weeds.
Mark 3 was developed with the centre of the pole in line with the cutting edge that cuts the base of the weed. Bingo I think we have it now!
Mark 3 is the version of the Multi tool we now use in our garden. A limited number are available for you to try out and buy on DEG days. They are great value at $25. A true multi use gardening tool. Especially useful for those of us who no longer have full mobility as we once did.No bending down. Just grub those weeds out standing up. Also good for furrowing when planting out new seeds or seedlings. Pull down those high branches and prune where you want. Happy weeding from now on from the tool men, Jim and Tony.
Advance notice – the 10th of December will be the Annual DEG celebration/Christmas party. Please bring cash as we do not have EFTPOS available. There will be a few of the DEG Wonder-weeding Multi Tools available for purchase. We will have a sausage sizzle, plants, preserves and baked items for sale. Make a herb wreath for your front door. We look forward to seeing you then.
We would love to have you join us on a Saturday morning soon.
The next few DEG days are 24th Sept, 8th and 22nd Oct, 12th and 26th Nov.
Grow well.
DEG Committee
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