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Duncraig Edible Garden, DEG Days Skill-shares/ Workshops, and Events 2019


5th DEG Day Feed the Trees
Skillshare Watering skills

19th DEG Day Gardening-focussed

26th Australia Day Long weekend


2nd DEG Day Continue removing grass from verge for Autumn planting of endemic native plants

School Begins Monday 4th February

16th DEG Day Gardening-focussed


2nd DEG Day Workshop Seed Saving

Labour Day Long Weekend

16th DEG Day Gardening-focussed

30th DEG Day Skillshare making Potting Mix, Seed raising mix and sowing seeds to grow Seedlings (Leafy greens, Legumes and and fruiting vegetables to plant out on 8th June )


School Holidays Begin

13th DEG Day Feed the trees
20th Easter Long Weekend and Tuesday 25th Anzac day

27th DEG Day Workshop Endemic Native plants on CoJ Verges  Planting on the Verge.
Richard McDowell The native gardener

School Holidays End


11th DEG Day Workshop for kids: Herb Planters

Mothers Day weekend

25th DEG Day Volunteers Celebration Day


1st WA Day long weekend

8th DEG Day Gardening focussed
Skillshare Potting up and planting out seedlings

22nd DEG Day Gardening-focussed
Skillshare Planting  potatoes and Sow root vegetable seeds to grow seedlings (to plant out on 17th August)


School Holidays begin

6th DEG Day Gardening-focussed

20th DEG Day AGM

School Holidays End


3rd DEG Day Feed the trees gardening-focussed

17th DEG Day gardening-focussed  Root vegetables

1st DEG Day gardening-focussed
Skillshare Natural methods for pest control


14th DEG Day

School Holidays Begin

28th DEG Day Skillshare Workshop Edible weeds talk.

Queens Birthday Long weekend


12th DEG Day gardening-focussed

School Holidays End.

26th DEG Day Feed the trees  Skillshare
Why we feed the trees and what we feed them


9th DEG Day gardening-focussed

23rd DEG Day  Skillshare Set-up garden for summer (shadecloth on frames, Mulch to shade soil)


7th DEG Day Gardening-focussed

School Ends

21st DEG Day Community Celebration/ Party

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