DEG Day Rats and Pests talk


Pests and Rats? 27th March talk over morning tea at 10.30

From 8.30 until 12


Pests and Rats?

Do you have a rat problem? They will find food wherever they can. Ripe vegetables and fruits in our gardens are irresistible, but we can be smarter than rats.

Next week, 27th March at DEG we will talk over morning tea at 10.30 am about Rats and other pests, and how to deal with them (without poisoning the creatures who help us keep them under control naturally!).

Join us and learn some strategies that work.

Last DEG day 13th March we made a new compost pile. It is working so well that this week it is too hot to leave our hands in the mix. Beneficial microbes are turning waste into gardening gold! By next week it will be a little cooler but still warm and working. It will be interesting to see the transformation.

Join us at 8.30am to work together, and stop for a cuppa and chat at 10.30am.
Wear suitable clothing for the weather including a hat and closed shoes.
Construction barriers are gone and we will have access to the library forecourt and out DEG cupboard and sink again for morning tea. Bring something to share, whether it be something for morning tea or something from your garden.

We look forward to seeing you at DEG.