How Duncraig Edible Garden began.

Key Dates in the establishment of the Duncraig Edible Garden, the first Community Garden in the City of Joondalup

22nd June 2010: A Notice of Motion

A Notice of Motion was presented by Councillor John Chester requesting the City research the establishment of Community Gardens.

8th February 2011: Briefing Session  

Briefing Session p.151

To Provide Elected Members with a summary of findings from research undertaken on the establishment of Community Gardens

15th February 2011: Council Meeting

Council Meeting Minutes p. 76

Community consultation be undertaken with residents within the catchment area of Regents Park and Charing Cross Park in North Joondalup…

Make contact with Ratepayers and other community organisations to ascertain interest

24th February 2011: Newspaper Article “Green fingers wanted”

Joondalup Times 1 5

“JOONDALUP Council wants community champions eager to spearhead creation of a community garden to step forward. After touring several community gardens across Perth, the council is prepared to help establish one locally.

Cr John Chester said benefits of community gardens included food security, improved nutrition and physical fitness, sustainable lifestyles, intergenerational exchange, and social inclusion.

But the council was divided on how to find people with sufficient interest to keep it running, once the groundwork was done.

I went (to the gardens) with the City officers and the thing that really struck home was that in every single one, there was a community champion behind it, Cr Geoff Amphlett said.

We should be waiting for that champion.

Community groups have driven garden projects underway in nearby Banksia Grove and Butler, in the City of Wanneroo.

Joondalup chief executive Garry Hunt initially recommended gauging interest through local ratepayer associations. But Cr Chester thought they lacked the membership and funding capacity to adequately consult residents.

He campaigned instead for the City to consult all residents across northern Joondalup, where higher density housing meant few had the space for individual vegetable gardens.

Public advertising and a mention on the City website would also be more effective than going to the ratepayer associations, Kallaroo resident Rainer Repke told the council.

The council voted seven to six in favour of a revised motion on Tuesday, and will now consult north Joondalup residents as well as local service clubs, church groups, school parent and citizen associations, and retirement villages.

Hopefully once people know the City will help get the garden going, they will get on board, Cr Chester said. If any local group or individual is interested in starting a community garden, please call 0408 985 022.”

17th October 2011

Letter and Survey send to Community Members from the Manager Community Development and Library Services

Community Feedback Sought In Relation to The Potential Establishment of a Local Community Garden.

21st February 2012: Newspaper article “City mulls garden plan”

Wanneroo Times 1 26

JOONDALUP council will decide tonight whether to pursue the possibility of setting up a community garden in the City. In February last year the City officers wrote to community organisations and individuals near Charing Cross Park in north Joondalup to gauge their interest in establishing and managing a community garden in the area. The City received 16 responses from people and groups supporting the plan.

21st February 2012: Council Meeting Community Garden Consultation Outcomes

Summary of feedback received during the community consultation … p.44

  • Schedule of Submissions 31 people have expressed an interest see Appendix for details
  • Petition presented to Council with 92 signatures opposing the establishment of a community garden in either Regents Park or Charing Cross Park…

Sue Bailey and Sophie Dwyer spoke in favour of Community Gardens.

Motion made that notes the community feedback and requests that the CEO facilitate a meeting with interested submitters to investigate the establishment of a Community Garden at a preferred location within the City, and report back to the Council on its findings

1st May 2012: Meeting for interested people

2012: Ongoing Joondalup Community Garden Steering Committee meetings

Meetings were held regularly with the aim to develop a business case and a location for the garden. There was a split in the group with one working on establishing a garden in Joondalup and the other in Duncraig. The Joondalup group faltered with the Duncraig group continuing with the development of a business case modelled on the Lockridge Community Garden. After much work on this plan a draft was submitted for comment. This led to a meeting called by the City to  manage our expectations. A template was provided to the group to use to develop the Community Garden Proposal.

2012/2013: Site of Garden chosen

Sites in Duncraig were considered with the Library site put forward by council and agreed by Committee. Aims were to take an educative approach, build trust in DEG, and build a community so that a larger plot could be provided by council after two years.

2013: Ongoing DEG Committee meetings to develop the Community Garden Proposal

This included a period of community engagement to generate support for the garden.

Proposal outlined three stages

  1. Planning and Development
  1. Establishment of Garden
  1. Maintenance and Planning

23rd January 2014: Facebook Page established

11th February 2014: Briefing Session

The room was packed with standing room only. Children’s drawings were passed around to the councillors. You could sense the councilors were really excited about the show of support and the energy from all walks of life.

13th February 2014: Newspaper Article “It’s all systems grow”

Joondalup Times 1 7

Community garden gains support

RESIDENTS filled the City of Joondalup council briefing room on Tuesday night to show their support for a community garden in Duncraig.

The edible garden would be planted at the front entrance of the Duncraig library and consist of vegetable plots, dwarf fruit trees and an area for workshops and meetings.

The garden will initially have an area of 68sq m but could be transferred to a larger area if its two-year trial proves successful.

DEG committee member Sue Bailey said at the briefing more than 60 residents had expressed interest in being involved. Their Facebook page received 300 likes in three weeks, she added.

She said community gardens bridged divides across ages, across cultures and across class and research indicated they increased real estate prices.

Because of its location and its size, initially its an educative garden, she said.

Committee member Sophie Dwyer added the garden was not solely about growing herbs, fruit and vegetables but also to help interaction between neighbours.

Our community garden will appeal to people who currently enjoy gardening and want to learn more about growing food to eat and share, she said.

Though planning and community development director Dale Page said at the briefing there were risks associated with the project, including antisocial behaviour, the need for a more permanent location or the project not being successful and the financial implications, she said the benefits far outweighed the risks.

She said if council endorsed the project, the next step would be to develop a memorandum of understanding between the City and the committee to outline responsibilities of both parties.

20th February 2014 Newspaper article “Garden project set to thrive

Joondalup Times 1 3

15th March 2014: A Volunteer Welcome and Information day

Come along to hear our exciting progress to date, the plans for the immediate future and meet the committee and other volunteers. We look forward to meeting you all, and sharing and growing the vision for this garden.

May 2014: MOU signed

20th May 2014: Construction work begins

19th July 2014: First ‘hands on’ working meeting

20th September 2014: Official Opening

2nd October 2014: Newspaper article; “Community has hunger for garden”

Joondalup Times 1 9

November 2014: Stage 3 Maintenance and Planning to be established

2015: Number of workshops run through the year

The next phase is to begin the process of advocating and planning for a larger plot, becoming incorporated and further developing the community.

(Editors note: We are incorporated)

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