Info sheet for COJ Seniors event 29th March 2019-2

Duncraig Edible Garden is a Community Garden in the City of Joondalup
based on Permaculture Ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair share.

Permaculture is a non-depleting system of agriculture working with the built-in backups of diversity to give a yield and leave a better state each year. It is a design science, ecologically grounded and based on patterns observed from natural systems. It takes without depletion, is non-exploitative and regenerative: beyond sustainability! It takes in the long view, permanent thinking: we’re living as if we are here for the long haul and want to help others to do so too.

Earth Care considers water, soil and air.  Each element interacts contributing their outputs and taking what they need. Observe the dynamic stability and momentum of the natural systems. We exist with and in nature. It is not a war. Let nature be involved in your decision-making.

Caring for people: Inter dependence builds resilience and community using labour ,skills and resources with no waste. Every person and everything in a system has intrinsic value.

Fair share: When you are limits-aware you can give your surplus abundance back to the community. This is rewarding and builds self-worth. Enough is enough, we don’t need bigger and bigger. We can continue to simply do things well.

One very useful technique is: wicking beds/ self watering pots…

Meet, Learn, Grow and Share the Permaculture Harvest