Purpose, Objectives and Garden Rules of Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG)

The purpose of DEG is to create a space where food and the community can grow sustainably together.

The objectives of DEG are to:

  • Provide opportunities for community development and social networking
  • Provide a place for gardening education, demonstration and inspiration
  • Promote permaculture values (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share)
  • Create a garden that helps to improve the community environment.
  • Be inclusive of people of all ages, cultural background, socio-economic background and abilities.
  • Produce fresh fruit and vegetables and promote good health.
  • Increase food security (the availability of food growing in public places) in the City of Joondalup; and
  • Explore alternative ways to view the world, and respond to pressure, through the lens of ecology and cooperation with each other

Ensuring enjoyable gardening experience for all of the community is the primary goal of these objectives.

Garden Rules

  • Membership of the garden is voluntary. To become a member of the garden the Membership Form must be completed and submitted to a committee member, and the membership fee paid. Membership is for the calendar year and fees are due by 31st December each year.
  • The garden’s Committee has the duty of ensuring the rules are adhered to and making decisions about DEG between the Annual General Meetings.
  • The Committee can assist in resolving conflicts regarding DEG and it’s members. Unresolved issues or disputes between gardeners will be referred to the Executive Committee.
  • The garden should be a safe place for the community, children, and other gardeners. Do not bring anything that will compromise the safety of the garden.
  • The garden should be left clean and tidy at all times.
  • If you take on a task as a volunteer (eg. watering on non DEG days) it is your responsibility to find out what is involved in the task and to  ensure the task is done  If you are unable to complete the task you took on, please arrange to  swap with someone else and complete the task on their day, or advise a committee member that you are unable to do your task.
  •  The food grown at DEG is for sharing. Please take a taste, and no more than what you need for a meal at one time. This will ensure that other members of the community also have the opportunity to enjoy the harvest.
  • Any garden pest or problem requiring chemical intervention will be met with a graduated response. The least harmful option is to be used first in all cases. Herbicides (weedkillers), and pesticides are only used under the control of the head gardener, in consultation with the gardening committee. 
  • Food security is increased by maximising diversity of plant varieties. We encourage the use of heirloom varieties of plants, and saving locally adapted seeds.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the garden.
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