Interested in developing a community around the Duncraig Edible Garden?

As you may know, the Duncraig Edible Garden is run solely on volunteer power, and we would love your help in order to keep the garden alive and growing in a permaculture way. We are recruiting volunteers to take on various roles at the Duncraig Edible Garden, from the most “ad hoc” task to the more “prestigious” committee position (responsibility for deciding how the garden grows) and everything in between. Examples of tasks that need to be done are:

  • Watering roster (especially during the hot summer months)
  • Morning tea roster for gardening days, in rotation
  • Lawn mowing, whipper snipping
  • Gardeners…everyone can learn from those who know, we all learn together
  • Set up and/or pack up on gardening days, in rotation
  • Newsletter contributions
  • Horticulturist (to help answer the many questions we get)
  • Committee member
  • Special event committee member (special projects, events or workshops)

By being actively involved ‘behind the scenes’ with the Duncraig Edible Garden you will not only join a group of like-minded people, you will also contribute to improving the quality of life in your community. We want Duncraig Edible Garden to not only survive and thrive but also to be a project that belongs to the community itself.

If you are interested in being actively involved with Duncraig Edible Garden please contact us using our contact us form or simply come along one DEG day Saturday morning to meet us. We’d love to hear from you.

Meet, Learn, Grow and Share the Permaculture Harvest