Wildflower Tour August 2022

Wildflower Tour 2022 – 20th & 21st August2022 Written by Susanne

Leaving Perth at 6 am on Saturday our first stop was Perenjori where we looked for some information on where to find wreath leschenaultia. Before heading off again we had a wander around the Perenjori Community Garden which was outside the visitor centre.

Perenjori Community Garden

The road that was supposed to take us to the wreath leschenaultia proved very difficult to find but eventually we got there and were rewarded by a large area with specimens that were just in bloom.

We continued on to Coal Seam National Park, which is a great spot for walks, views and everlastings, wattles, hibertia and twining fringe lily as well as nesting pink and grey galahs.

Yellow everlastings
Fringed Lily

The next walk we went on was at Depot Hill which is not far from Mingenew and offers an abundance of wildflowers including orchids such as cow slip, spider and snail orchid, conostylis and thryptomenes (which we have in our native verge at DEG), sundews, catspaw and dampiera.

Cowslip orchid
Spider Orchid
Snail Orchid



After staying the night in Dongara and a visit to the beach there and in Leeman we arrived at Lesueur National Park one of the important flora conservation reserves in Western Australia. On our walk and stroll around the picnic area we saw a large variety of native plants and wildflowers such as native violets, Thomasia (which is also growing in our DEG verge), trigger plants, hakeas, banksias, various orchids and many, many more.


 Next year we would like to spend more time in Lesueur National Park as there is so much more to see and explore there.